Darren & Georgios in London

Wedding film

Darren & Georgios celebrated their wedding with many out of town guests, so they decided to show them all of London on board the London Eye Barracuda. The first class event started off in fine fashion with breathtaking views at the immaculate Shangri La Hotel at The Shard. Sporting their amazing matching custom tailored suits made by the talented Alexandra Wood, the couple then took us for a joy ride through the south bank in a Bentley, fully equipped with heated massage seats. From there, we welcomed the guests on the boat docked at the base of the London Eye. This was Infinitum’s first same sex and gay wedding and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It also helps that we were treated to a beautiful tour of London along the River Thames.

It’s amazing and you are truly gifted professionals we cannot speak more highly of you and your work.
– Darren, one of the grooms