sophie & jason

Inspired by specific characteristics of the couple, Infinitum Weddings was able to put a personal touch on Sophie and Jason’s wedding stationery designs. First, the symbol of a tree was selected to be the main logo for the wedding. On the surface, it goes whatever direction the wind takes it, which reflects the couple’s free spirit and love of travelling. But underneath, there are strong roots that represent the ties between the couple and their family and friends. The tree is also drawn in art nouveau style to fit with the classical setting of the castle where the wedding was to take place.

Next, the love for live music was what brought Sophie & Jason together. With this in mind, custom concert tickets, wrist bands and guitar picks were created for the guests to have the feeling of attending a rock show on the special day. Going along with the same theme, a vinyl record was pressed with music from close friends of the couple and designed as the invitations. This was a special touch that tied together all of stationery, giving everything a consistent look and feel, before, during and after the wedding.

Finally, the wedding website incorporated the wedding colours and designs that have been use throughout. To communicate the details of the wedding events to their guests, the site was laid out in an easy to navigate structure complete with an updated news/blog section, about the couple page, photo gallery, video section, eCommerce travel package payments, RSVP survey, guestbook and contact form.