Wedding Questionnaire

    Wedding Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is essential for us to be properly prepared for your wedding. Once completed, we can schedule a phone call or meeting to review everything.

    If you have any questions for us that will help you answer some of these, please do your best for the time being and we can revise it later. Please try to be as complete as possible with addresses and times, as well as including all main events.

    Your email contact?

    1. What is the bride’s name?

    2. What is the groom’s name?

    3. Where is the bride from?

    4. Where is the groom from?

    5. Please give us an outline of the day for the events. If you want to attached a file, please indicate this in the box and attached below. Please provide times for every event and be as detailed as you can. Example: bride preps, groom preps, ceremony, photo-session, cocktail hour, introductions, first dance, parents’ dances, speeches, bouquet and garter toss.

    6. The location of the bride’s preps, a contact number for the location, and a second contact number we can use all day. If you are having us at the salon as well, please provide an address and contact for that also.

    7. The location of the groom’s preps and a contact number.

    8. The location and a contact number for your ceremony.

    9. The location and a contact number for your reception.

    10. How many guests are you expecting?

    11. What are your wedding colours?

    12. What is the attire for wedding guests? (black tie, white tie, suit & tie, casual, etc...)

    13. Is this a religious wedding? If so what religion or traditions should we be aware of?

    14. How long do you expect the ceremony to be?

    15. Are there any family politics we should be aware of?

    16. During the reception, we will need warnings from your mc, 5 minutes before anything happens. For example, if a speech is to happen at 9:15, we’ll need your mc to come and warn us at 9:10. Can you please let your mc know this and stress how important this is for your film to be done right?


    17. What is your MC’s name?

    18. Which table is your MC sitting at?

    19. How many people are there in your wedding party and what are their relations to the bride and groom?

    20. Please list any special details that you would like us to know about that would not necessarily be obvious. For example: I am wearing my grandmother’s pin under my dress. Or if there are certain people you definitely want featured or not featured on the film.

    21. Please list 5–15 musical artists that you enjoy.

    22. Please list some of your favourite songs (a list of 5–10 would be ideal).

    23. Please list some artists or genres of music you do not enjoy.

    24. Do you have any specific songs you’d like us to try and include in the film? We will take these under consideration and try our best to incorporate them. (list 5–10)

    25. Please list all of the audio sources at your ceremony so we can capture it properly. Examples include the officiant, bride and groom, a trio, readings at a podium, etc. Please be sure to list the number of officiants if more than one.

    26. Please list all of the audio sources at your reception so we can capture it properly. Examples include speeches at the podium, games on the dance floor.

    27. For Same Day Edit packages only: We will need a table for us to edit your Same-Day edit on. We need lots of space for our computers. Can you make sure your reception venue can have one ready for us with access to power outlets?


    28. For Same Day Edit packages only: Do you, your dj, or your venue have a the necessary equipment to show video from a laptop?