Andrea & Adrian

Thanks to Andrea, Adrian and all the guests for such an enjoyable celebration. The highlights video above showcases the joyful energy displayed at the event.

We also put together the same day edit, below, to the delight of everyone. With the structure of the video already put together prior to the event, a decision was made to include footage from the wedding day itself much to the pleasant surprise of all viewing the video later in the evening. The reaction was nothing but joy, as everyone got to re-live the beautiful moments from earlier in the day. I think Andrea shed a tear or two.


  1. Gustavo and family

    Beautiful and unforgetable moments that will be always in your mind and in your heart for ever.

    We are glad to share with you this precious moments.

    God bless you.

    Gustavo, Fatima, Fernando y Pablo

  2. Alexandra

    Absolutely gorgeous and some fab footage of my suits in action!

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