Martha & Ariel

Every year, Argentina celebrates it’s May Revolution on May 25th. This year, Martha and Ariel decided to celebrate their love together with their family and friends on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn. With a mixture of Colombian and Argentinian cultures, the wedding was filled with great people, delicious food, and lots and lots of dancing. Thank you Martha and Ariel for putting together this joyful event and congratulations on your lovely wedding.


  1. Grace

    OMG my nephew Alejandro! he is so churro!

  2. claudia Garcia

    Wow muchas felicidades y muchos anos juntos con ese grande compromiso de union y amor love para siempre!!!
    Los Puerto Garcia.
    La próxima comunión es en la basílica de la virgen de Guadalupe.

  3. marta

    Hermoso. Dia. Pasamos. Mil felicidades. Hoy y. Siempre los. Quiero. Besotes

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